The saga

The house holds a lot of history.  It was built as a farmhouse in the 1930's and was changed and extended in the 80's when it held a role as a fishing hut for River Selá.  The house has a warm welcoming athmosphere and you can feel the presence of old times by all surroundings. 

Hvammsgerði is the last stop before going over the heath Sandvíkurheiði which is between Bakkafjörður and Vopnafjörður. Therefore many visitors came to Hvammsgerði and received welcomes and nourishments before and after crossing the heath.  In those days travels were different from today and mostly by horses.

In hindsight you could expect the traveller to be relieved to get into shelter in Hvammsgerði after a long journey.  In those days it was highly important to let people know of your whereabouts when any weather was expected and roads as well as communication were little or none.

 The last farmer in Hvammsgerði was Brynjólfur Sigmundsson with his wife Hildur Bjarnadóttir.  In the year of 1969 the couple sold the farm to the Angling club Strengur and was later owned by the Angling club of Selá.

River Selá

Hvammsgerði is located down by Selá, a beautiful river and a world-famous place for salmon catching; it is one of the most exclusive salmon rivers in the country.
When you visit the geothermal swimming pool, Selárdalslaug (5 km) you can watch anglers catch a fish from the river.  Nothing compares to the complete relaxation of sitting back in one of the hot tubs, watching a keen angler catch a salmon in the river below.

Photo by Jósep H. Jósepsson

Hvammsgerði was used as a fishing hut for about 30 years or until 2011.  Thousands of anglers have experienced good times here and told many fishing stories.  Famous people like the golfer Jack Nicklaus and George Bush senior, former President of the United States have stayed here and without a doubt enjoyed the presence of nature on this old farm.

Surrounded by nature

The soothing sound of flowing water stream is characteristic for the experience of staying at Hvammsgerði.  Walking up the hill beside the farm gives a good view over the shallow end of the valley and to the shore. In the stillness of the night you can hear powerful clear wave sounds from the North Atlantic Ocean. In cold clear winter nights the sky lights up with stars and colourful lights of the aurora borealis or as we call them, the northern lights.