What to do

A wonderful treat is nearby – we are very proud to be located so nearby the geothermal pool in Selár valley, called Selárdalslaug (5 km).  It is a romantic place and a nice relaxation.  The swimming pool has a hot tub and a small pool for children.  It is open all days but limited hours in wintertime.

Photo by Jósep H. Jósepsson

For further information about local attractions and activities visit this great website and learn more about Vopnafjörður at http://www.vopnafjordur.com

Photo by Jósep H. Jósepsson

The information centre is located in town by the grocery store, in a big old house called Kaupvangur which is one of the oldest houses in Vopnafjörður. There you can find all the information you need about local attractions, museums, walking trails and so on.
In Kaupvangur you will find:  

Vesturfarinn - East Iceland Emigration center - following Askja eruption in 1875 many people left East and Northeast Iceland, primarily Vopnafjörður. For more information see this website: http://www.vesturfarinn.is

Múlastofu - memorial exhibition featuring the works of the brothers Jón Múli and Jónas Árnason, whom were both great musicians and born in Vopnafjörður.

Kaupvangskaffi - a great place to have a nice cup of coffee or some light meals. See more on https://www.facebook.com/Kaupvangskaffi

Last but not least is worth mentioning one of the best preserved turfhouses in Iceland  The museum at Bustarfell in Hofsár-valley.  It is very unique and on selected days every year, the museum comes alive and you can experience the former ways of living in the old ages. The museum is open from June 10th until September 10th every year, see more about it on the website: http://www.bustarfell.is

The surroundings of Vopnafjörður gives endless possibilities of outdoor hiking and nature sightseeing:

  •  River Hvammsá in Selar valley (1 km walk from Hvammsgerdi)
  • Fuglabjargarnes - a nice walking trail (5,5 km from Hvammsgerdi)
  • The view at Hellisheiði and the hiking trail Þerribjörg
  •  Böðvarsdalur
  •  Skjólfjörur and the beast rock
  •  Gljúfursárfoss
  •  Sandvíkin
  •  Kolbeinstangi
  •  Nýpslón and surroundings

Other intresting websites: