About us

Your hosts are Steinunn and Þórður. 

We have lived in Hvammsgerði since June 2012.  We came back home after 15 years in Reykjavík with our two children, Katrín Líf and Aðalsteinn Björn.  We have enjoyed our time here in Hvammsgerði as well as planning the future.

The animals on the farm have arrived one by one.       First there was Moli.  He was a lovely kitten which grew up to be quite a handful so to speak. He goes his own ways which includes his passion for hunting smaller animals…  Despite all that he loves to cuddle.  Later we got Doppa and Moli basicly adopted her.

    Next we got the dog, Sámur, came to us in his second year. He is obeying and loyal to his master and he enjoys to play along in the garden or just to relax. 

     Then we got ten hens and two ducks.  And of course we love their fresh and delicious eggs.            Our latest inhabitant are five sheeps so it is a growing farm...

Our values are

  •  reliability
  • personal service
  • cozy experience 
  • living in balance with nature

We take great concern for the environment – an eco friendly turn in life.
Reuse and recycling is one of the values we make the most of at the farm.  Every usable waste from the household is recycled for example, paper, cardboard, metals, glass and any plastic waste. 
   We use every food leftovers for the animals.  Any other organic waste from the household and waste from the garden is compost and will produce fertile soil in the end.  Manure from the farm is used to fertilise the soil for the vegetable garden as well as the fields.   Clothes, shoes and fabrics which are not in use are reused by handing it to the Red Cross in Iceland.  We buy eco friendly cleaning products, if available, which are certified safer for the environment.